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Customer Care

About Your Bill

To find important information about your billing statement, please click on the numbers below.
Your account number is located in the upper right hand corner of your billing statement (bullet 2 below).
El Dorado Irrigation District Address
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Utility Account Information
Includes account number, statement date, service address, cycle, payments, adjustments, and any unpaid balances from previous statement.
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Due Date
Shows the date the billed amount is due. Please pay the amount due on or before the due date.
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Total Due
Shows the total amount due. If you signed up for the recurring online payment method, DO NOT SCHEDULE A DUPLICATE PAYMENT.
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Customer Name and Mailing Address
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Service Information
Shows service period, number of days in the service period, meter number, meter size, current and previous meter readings, usage, and other applicable billing information regarding the services for your account.
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Payment Coupon
Please tear off and remit this coupon with your payment in the envelope provided if you chose to mail your payment.
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Remit Address
Mailing address to use if you chose to mail your payment.
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The reverse side of the billing statement provides important information that includes how to contact El Dorado Irrigation District if you have questions about your bill; the terms of payment; non-payment of bill; return check charge; access to facilities; water conversion factors; and consumption history. There is also a stub for you to complete and send in if any changes need to be made to your personal information.